Final week, I was taking a lengthy walk by means of my neighborhood with my Seeing Eye dog, Carson, when we encountered a festival filled with pleased kids and a carnival atmosphere. Navigating through wall-to-wall persons is always a challenge, but I decided to brave it and we pressed on, hoping the sidewalk wouldn’t be blocked.

Abruptly, Carson darted off the walkway, his nose aimed with an intensity that could only imply there was a different animal nearby.

Frustrated, I pulled Carson back on track, only to have him get distracted by yet another smell on the opposite side. I was increasing irritated with the crowd and Carson’s behavior until a man behind me chuckled and mentioned, “Your dog is sniffing a llama!” As far as I know, llamas are not indigenous to my neighborhood… nor this continent, for that matter!

The man, nevertheless laughing, continued, “The library is having a carnival and there is a petting zoo set up all along the street.”

As Carson sniffed a infant donkey, I had a swift moment to consider. At that point, I had two selections I could have gotten angry at the unexpected distractions along my route, OR I could laugh at the pure oddity of a herd of exotic animals hanging out about the library! I chose the latter.

“Carson, that is a llama,” I stated, bending down to recapture his interest, “But don’t worry, I won’t be getting a single as a pet!” I had to just laugh and shake my head in amusement at his sheer puppy behavior! Following that laugh, even I could not be annoyed when, ahead of we reached the end of the block, Carson had also sniffed out a goat, a pony and a assortment of other creatures I doubt he’d been exposed to during his brief two years on this planet!

mobile petting zoo dallas tx learned at the petting zoo: Take a moment to be amused, not frustrated, when factors don’t go as planned. If you appear challenging enough, you’ll possibly find some humor in the adverse experience, as well. A bit of humor lies in each scenario. It is up to us whether or not we appear upon the entire as a dilemma or a pleasure. Select the pleasure… you might just walk away with a great story!

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